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Pure Green Recycled Motor Oil Recycling in Cumming

For Immediate Release - 11/25/2009


CUMMING, Georgia - (11/25/2009) Handy Lube Express and Herbert Automotive announce the addition of recycled motor oil products at their Canton and Cumming Oil Change Locations. Introducing Pure Green™ Motor Oil, the first eco friendly motor oil product offered thru North American Lubricants, Co.

The time has come for a new, environmentally friendly, and sustainable recycled motor oil product for our clients. Pure Green™ Earth Friendly Performance recycled motor oil has many environmental benefits. Here are a few worth mentioning:

  • Conserves irreplaceable petroleum resources
  • Reduces air pollution from used oil that is processed and burned as fuel oil or bunker fuel
  • Reduces U.S. dependency on foreign crude oil
  • Promotes proper collection and management of used oil, reducing ground and water contamination
  • Eco friendly oil products use 80% less energy in the refining process when compared to traditional refining of crude oil
  • Domestic collection, transportation and production supports local economies, not the global infrastructure or Big Oil

The continued addition of sustainable petroleum-based lubrication products to all types of industries, especially the automotive industry, will ultimately have a profound impact on our lives. Environmental awareness, conservation and improved consumer education will have far reaching social and economic benefits. The preservation of our ever-dwindling energy resources can help nurture a generation committed to protecting the environment. A culture will emerge that values clean water, healthy air and conservation.

Economic activity associated with the manufacture, distribution and consumption of sustainable petroleum based lubricants made completely in the United States by Americans, for Americans will have far reaching positive effects in this country.

Handy Lube Express and Herbert Automotive, as leaders in the automotive maintenance and repair industry, endorse and embrace this new category of recycled motor oil. It is our belief that this product represents perhaps one of the biggest advances in motor oil technology, as well as a gateway for our industry to contribute in a big way to the growing need for renewable products that we as consumers use everyday. We invite you to join Handy Lube Express and Herbert Automotive in support of these efforts and choose your motor oil carefully. Together, we can make a lasting difference in our community and a meaningful investment in our future.


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