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Handy Lube Express — An automotive maintenance and repair company committed to protecting your family and restoring our environment.

The Handy Lube Express experience starts when your vehicle is pulled into one of our convenient Oil Change & Lube Service Locations in Canton and Cumming, GA. Our services include a complimentary safety evaluation. All light bulbs are checked to help ensure that running lights, marker lights and brake lights are functioning properly. The condition of your vehicle’s tires is visually checked for unusual wear, tread life and defects. A general visual inspection is performed to identify other potential safety issues. Our findings are then reported to you so you can make a well-informed decision and, if necessary, appropriate action can be taken.

Additionally, our certified technicians also perform a service review. The service review is performed free of charge while your vehicle is receiving its 17-point check and full-service oil change. A report is generated to advise you of our service review findings. The report includes the evaluation of all the major systems on your vehicle, as well as our recommendations on any maintenance that may need to be performed.

Pure Green Recycled Motor Oil Recycling in Canton

At Handy Lube Express, we specialize in using sustainable products that provide environmental, social and economic benefits, helping to protect the public health, welfare and environment over their full commercial lifecycle. Every attempt is made to collect and Recycle Motor Oil, oil filters, antifreeze and other waste products at our facilities to be reintroduced back into the marketplace and reused. Our chemical menu has been shortened extensively and includes less corrosive, non-chlorinated products. Residual metals are removed from the waste stream and collected by metal recyclers for sustainable use. Car batteries are properly collected and recycled through remanufacturing. Our employees are keenly aware of the responsibility we share in the community and take our role very seriously. Our goal is improving and preserving the environment for future generations.

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